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The English Theatre of Hamburg

Fassade des English Theatre © ETH
Fassade des English Theatre © ETH

The English Theatre of Hamburg e.V. is a private, professional theatre, the first to be founded in the whole of Germany. It is subsidized in part by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and is a non-profit organization and a member of the Deutscher Bühnenverein. The theatre was started in 1976 by two Americans, Robert Rumpf and Clifford Dean, who trained and worked professionally in the United States before coming to Hamburg in the mid-1970s. They share the general management responsibilities, plan the artistic program and direct most of the productions.

Enjoy one of our evening or daytime performances of an English language play. Our international audience includes students of English as well as native speakers. We present distinguished plays of all genres in the original English on a professional basis in our efforts to contribute to international communication through language and the art of the theatre.


The English Theater of Hamburg
Lerchenfeld 14
22081 Hamburg

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